Life and Achievement

Begum Saqiba Rahimuddin

Begum Saqiba Rahimuddin holds an esteemed position in the literary world of Pakistan as an author of children’s literatureand serious literary books. She is also well known for her welfare work, especially in the field of education, upbringing and care of underprivileged children and social welfare.  

She belongs to a renowned family of the Indo Pak Subcontinent. A family which has been known for its literary and political achievements, on both sides of the border. Her uncle Doctor Zakir Hussain was a well known and widely respected educationist who later became the President of India. Another uncle Doctor Yousef Hussain was the author of twelve literary books and he also translated the “Devan-E-Ghalib” in English, an effort that was awarded the highest Indian literary awardthe “Padam Bhoshan”.

Begum Saqiba Rahimuddin is the daughter of Doctor Mahmud Hussian who served Pakistan as the Minister of Defense and Education and as the Vice Chancellor of both Karachi and Dhaka Universities. He was the author of many certified books on history and international relations, between the years 1935 and 1975. During these years he was well known for his services as an educationist. Doctor Mahmud Hussian was the founder of the famous international institution the “JAMIE TALEEM-E-MILLI”. He gave the institute his total commitment and worked for it with total dedication for 28 years.

Saqiba was a student of F.A. when she got married to Major Rahimuddin Khan of  Pakistan army who would later reach the rank of a General. Along with handling the demands of a growing family of four children she also kept up her strive for higher education and was successful in getting her Master’s in Urdu degree with a first division. For the past 30 years she has worked day and night for the welfare of  soldiers and their families and voluntarily worked for the education and welfare of children in different institutions.

She is also the driving force behind the creation and development of the Pakistan’s Children’s Academy and the Qalam Qabeela Organization. Pakistan Children’s Academy started working in 1976. It is the first and only non government institution of its kind that has been working for the welfare and betterment of children. Qalam Qabeela which came into being in September 1979 is a renowned literary organization. It is a non government organization that is working to bring literature and literary personalities together for cultural and linguistic development.