Pakistan Children’s Academy

Pakistan Children’s Academy

Saqiba Rahimuddin is the founder of and life time chairperson of the Pakistan Children’s Academy. Saqiba has always had a special place in her heart for the children of this country. She felt that it was unfair that the children from privileged families had more opportunities to participate in circular and extracurricular activities through out their student life so she decided to create as institution where children from all back grounds came together to participate in different activities.


Pakistan Children’s Academy came into being in 1976. Since its creation it has worked as one of the most effective, non government organisation that has worked for the welfare and betterment of children throughout Pakistan.

Since its inception, to the present day the mission of the Academy has been to encourage and guide children be honest, to be a proud Pakistani and to be a good Muslim.
The Academy is not a school in its proper sense. It does not have a uniform, a curriculum or classes. The Academy teaches and guides children in a an environment free from racial, economics, or social biases. Children learn in a free and loving atmosphere.

Children are taught with the help of games, entertainment, and short educational courses. The Academy provides religious education, travel opportunities and through intellectual and physical education.

There are many sports and educational competitions. The head office is located in Quetta, with branches in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Mansehra,and Abbotabad. According to statistics in the year 2000 the Academy will serve over 36000


The Quetta head office is equiped with:

1. The Complex.
2. Audotorium
3. Liberary
4. Talent rooms.
5. A Mosque.
6. Gymnasuim.
7.Computer room.
8. Dispensery and
9. Mobile Liberay

Mission Statement:

1. Charachter building of the children from the outset.
2. To encourage love for Pakistan and Nationalism.
3. To teach children service of mankind, and to encourage friendship.
4. Teach them love for Islam and what it stands for.
5. Expose them to postive literature and love of reading.
6.  Ingrain in them concepts of health, and how to counter health problems and disease.
7.To provide competitions for mental and physical strength.
8. For the last seven years the life time chairperson Begum Saqiba Rahimuddin has been personally awarding a gold medal to a student of one of the six branches.

Office Bearers of Working Committee

Founder, President and Life time Chairperson: Begum Saqiba Rahimuddin.
Vice Chairman: Atta Mohammad Jaffar
Secretary General: Mohammad Nawazullah Saddiqui
Joint Secretary: Sarwar Ali Bokhary
Finance Secretary: Mohtarma Rashida Abdullah
Press Secretary: Abdul Ghaffar Langoo.
Liberay Incharge: Nasir Ali Saddiqui
Member Working Commitee: Vazir Ahmed Jogazai


Pakistan Children’s Academy
Awan -e-Atfal
Kajak Road
Quetta Cantt