Literary Services

Literary Services

  • Founder, Patron and Life Time Chair Person of the Literary Trust “Qalam Qabeela”
  • Founder, Patron and Life Time Chair Person of the Children’s Welfare Trust “Pakistan Children’s Academy”.
  • Patron to the Institute for the Handicapped Children Sarhad School Peshawar.
  • Patron in Chief of the Banat Taleem Ul Quran High School/ College Abbotabad.

    Saqiba her Speeches and Essays

    She has spoken and read her Essays for:

    A. Iqbal Congress Lahore.
    B. Iqbal Academy Lahore.
    C. Islamic Conference for International Women Islamabad
    D. Ehal-e-Qalam Conference – the Academy Adbiyat-e-Pakistan.
    E. Pakistan Seerat Conference.
    F. Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai Seminar Karachi.

Writings for Famous Magazines

Saqiba Rahimuddin’s stories and essays have been published into many magazines like:

  • Fanoon- Oraq
  • Nigar
  • Nairang-e-Khayal
  • Naqoosh
  • Ajkar
  • Mahnoor
  • Mehfil
  • Adabi Majila Academy
  • Adbiyat-e-Pakistan Dairey
  • Subras
  • Chahar Soo
  • Alamat Hum Qalam
  • Qalam Qabeela Sehmahi
  • Seep.

    She has also been published in many children’s magazines:

1. Nonihal                                   7.Chand Sitaray
2. Toot Batoot.                            8.Ankh Machooly
3. Buchoon ka Risala.                   9.Phool
4. Uncle Sargam                          10.Mustaqbil
5. Nai Charagh                            11.Sahailey      
6. Buchoon ka Akhbar                 12.Shahbaz

And in the daily Urdu news papers the: Jang and Nawa-i-Waqat