Education Wing of Qalam Qabeela

Education Wing of Qalam Qabeela

Saqiba Girls College, Quetta Cantt.


In 1979, Begum Saqiba Rahimuddin has founded Qalam Qabeela Adabi Trust. Since its establishment untill present time, outstanding literary ceremonies convene at this Trust on annual basis.

In 2014, Qalam Qabeela Adabi Trust had taken one more protruding step by putting the foundation of Saqiba Girls College. The objective of this act is to help girls in revealing their hidden God gifted qualities by providing them contemporary educational standards of the modren world. Thus, this is an effort to make girls of Baluchistan capable for taking distinguishable part the development of the country.

Vision of Saqiba Girls College:

Saqiba Girls College aspire to be a leader regionally and nationally, in the integration of

  • Teaching and learning
  • Advancement of the knowledge base through research and creative activities
  • Service and outreach
  • Solutions for education and Human well-being

The College will be a leader in preparation professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services to influence collectively the betterment of society within diverse and changing environment.


The mission of Saqiba Girls College is to engender a peculiar academic environment for the girls who ordinarily live in isolation as part of segregated culture and have not adequate opportunities to manifest their hidden potentials. The mission’s objective is to achieve prominent standards of education, which have played a vital role in the progress of developed world. Saqiba Girls College envisages elimination of the problem of reluctance by appeasing the girls through radical measues in the field of education. By this it will produce a new generation of women who would be able to take challenges in the development of the country.