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"Chaltay Samay" is the latest poetry book by Saqiba Noor. To view its perface in her own hand writing please click here.





"Gee Ka Noor"

"Gee Ka Noor" is a collection of  poems by Saqiba Rahimuddin. It has been long awaited by the literary society of Pakistan. She has been writing for children and adults for a long time and this collection of  poems has finally come to light in January 2006. The poet behind this collection  Saqiba Noor has always said that poetry is love and love is poetry. Love is the heart and soul of poetry.

It is poetry that contains all nuances of  life. From the truths of life to all aspects of love, all the way to the hidden desires of the heart. All that is said and unsaid are deftly hidden in poetry. Saqiba Noor strongly believes that without love of Almighty there cannot exist true poetry.

 In "Gee Ka Noor" the style of poetry is simple, yet strong and emotional. It does not dwell into the depths of  philosophy. This poetry is free from complicated ideas and thoughts. These are pure emotions and pure words coming straight from the heart, words that will find an audience in people with similar emotions.



This is the second collection of free verse poems after "Gee ka Noor" by Saqiba. This is a collection of a hundred and seventy short poems. She has dedicated this book to her own silence.

She starts with the first poem in search of an age old quest.

She says" Allah kaheen tau chupa ho ga" 

She writes about love and loss about loneliness and  fulfillment. But one theme that is seen repeatedly in her poetry is her love for her Creator. She speaks about Allah in many different ways giving her style of poetry a fresh feel at every page.



The basic subject of this book is based on sufism and that level of love for Almighty that can only attained with true emotion. This love for Allah is presented in a beautiful way. Saqiba Noor believes that 

"hain bhi isee jahan main         aur han nahin bhi hain" 

"wo dekhey na dekhey murzi hai

balak tau maa key pass jaey hai"

"her din jo guzerta hai piyarey

humain tujh sey qareeb kerta hai"

"jub sub purday utha diey tum ney

sarey purday giray diey hum ney"

This world is a journey, an amusement says the poetess who has been deeply hurt by this selfish world. This collection of poems is mysterious, beautiful and very melancholy but not without hope. Saqiba who has a soft heart for all Gods creatures, who spent endless hours working for the betterment of the less fortunate says:

"zamana sahab zer hai        

aur hum qalam thamey hain"

"otho otho odaas nuslain khety hain

sotey raho gai ab bhi kuch ker chalo"

"Aoroon key zakham bhuroo kiyoon roog lagatey ho"

"kitna kaaj para hai dekho janey ka samaa aney luga"

Purda is a collection which means to veil oneself from materialism, arrogance, jealousy and hypocrisy. It is her love for Allah that is forcing her to disappear behind the veil.


"Hawaa" Perface


"Barsaat" Perface


"Mah-e-Noor" Perface


"Husan kee Chah main "

Begum Saqiba Rahim uddin

Saqiba Through Other Writer's Eyes

Many writers and scholars have critiqued Saqiba's writing. Some have even written their PhD thesis on Saqiba and her literary efforts. Below is collection of books written or compiled by other writers on Saqiba Rahimuddin.

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