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"MEHFIL-E-TANHAEE" is the first of literary books by Saqiba Rahimuddin. Published in 1986 this book has a collection of five literary essays namely:

  • "Adab aur Art ka Islami Virsa"
  • "Rasool-e-Khuda Insani Haqooq ka Alambardar"
  • "Mojooda Adabi Takhleeqat main Jamaliaty Anser ka Fuqdaan"
  • "Kahani kee Kahani"
  • "Samandar".

There are three essays on Allama Mohammed Iqbal as well:

  • "Ishaq kay Dardmand kaTarz-e-Qalam aur Hai"
  • "Daimee Tehreek aur Ijtihad-e-Fiker-o-Amal ka Shair"
  • "Allama Iqbal ka Zehni Irtqa".

It also has two humorous essays: "Ishq-e-Saqafat" & "Shokhy-e-Qalam".



"TEHZEEB KAY ZAKHAM" which was published in 1994 is a collection of essays like :

  • "Zindagee...Yadoon ka Aik Silsala",
  • "Doost"
  • "Piyar kee Dunia"
  • "Tehzeeb Kay Zakham"
  • "Behta Darya"

It also has three short stories namely: "Rabia", "Dhalan ka Safar" and "Peyaasi". Then there are also short character sketches of famous literary personalities like:

  • " Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai"
  • "Mirza Ghalib"
  • "Jhookh Malih Abadi"
  • "Hasrat Mohani",
  • "Sadiqain"
  • "Mirza Adeeb".


"MOHABAT" was published in the year 2002 and it is also a collection of 11 short stories. As the title simply states the stories are about "Love". The stories are touching accounts of people hurt, people suffering because of this ellusive emotion that we call love. How it effects our relationship and the basic human need to love and to be loved and what devistation lack of it can bring.



"DARD HEE DARD" Is a collection of short stories and essays. The charachters in the stories are very real and the stories though sometimes heartrending are very true to life. Its a collection of stories about real people and real circumstances and how different people have to deal with situations and challenges that life throws their way. This book shows that Saqiba has great depth as a writer and that she captures different hues of life and people.



"CHARAGH JALE" Is a collection of six literary books written by Saqiba Rahimuddin. It is also called the Library Addition. Books in this addition include Mehfil-e-Tanhaee, Tehzeeb Ke Zukham, Dard hee Dard, Muhabbat, Dil Kee Batain and Gul Hai Rung Rung.



PEGHAM-E-MOHABAT-O-INSANIYAT...EID MILAD-UN-NABI(pbuh)" was published in 1981 and again in 1990 and 1996 due to its vast popularity is a compilation of Naats and essays on the life and personality of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (pbuh). Essays by writers like Doctor Sayyeda Khawar Chisti, Miss Firdoos Anwer Qazi, Mrs Waheeda Riaz, Begum Jaffar Naeem, Saqiba Rahimuddin, Mrs Khalida Sarwar, Begum Azhar Sayyed Khan, Haleem Unnisa, Mrs Safia Lodhi, Miss Zarina Zaidi and Miss Jameela Zahoor. The Naats are by famous poets like Maulana Hali, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Maulana Zafar Ali, Zaman Kunjahi, Hafeez Jalundhari, Tufail Hoshyarpuri, Maulana Mohammed Ali Johar, Muzzafar Warsi and Maher Ul Qadri.



"DOCTOR MEMOOD HUSSAIN" has been published in 1997 and 1999 is a compilation of essays and opinions on the personality and services of Doctor Mehmood Hussain. It is not only a literary biography but also a celebration of a life of service of this country and a strive for bringing education to all spheres of life in Pakistan. Many renowned literary personalities have written articles and essays on him in this book of them some are: Begum Rana Liaqat Ali Khan, Doctor Farman Fatehpuri, Doctor Akhtar Hussain Raipuri, Doctor Abu-al-Hassan Saddiqui, Doctor Ahsan Rasheed, Hakeem Mohammed Sayyed, Doctor Jameel Jalibi, Doctor Yousef Hussain Khan, Allama Niaz Fatehpuri. For a long time it was Saqiba Rahimuddin's dream to bring this compilation to light which she did in a perfect effort.


"Qalam Qabeela"

"Qalam Qabeela" which was pulished in 1982 is a collection of literary essays that were written by the members of the Qalam Qabeela organisation. It also contains an introduction to theĀ  literary activities and saminars that have taken place at the organisation. As Qalam Qabeela brings together many renowned names of contemparary literature this eddition includes a "Ghazal", "Afsanay", "Nazm", "Poqalat" and also a "Qutab Mosoolah" section. It also has an indepth section on the "Kul Pakistan Seminar" where the topic up for discussion was "Adabi Iqtidar aur Jadeed Fikri-o-Tafreehi Rujhannat".


Begum Saqiba Rahim uddin

Saqiba Through Other Writer's Eyes

Many writers and scholars have critiqued Saqiba's writing. Some have even written their PhD thesis on Saqiba and her literary efforts. Below is collection of books written or compiled by other writers on Saqiba Rahimuddin.

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