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"Dil Kee Batain"

Dil Kee Batain is a literary dairy. It is a journey of discovery for the author. She illustrates with the help of words how she became a writer. It is not an autobiographic dairy but a literary journey of a young woman as she finds herself in her writings. This journey continues to the present time when she is a mature, self assured and welknown author, yet she has not lost her innocence though there is melancholy at the end of her journey.

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"Ujala" is a collection of speeches of Saqiba from 1949 to 2003. Saqiba has been an active member of the literary society of Pakistan. This book is written in chronological order starting from 1949 when she was a young school girl.

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"Gul Hai Rung Rung"

"Gul Hai Rung Rung" is a collection of Essays and literary writings that Saqiba Rahimuddin had written between 1979 to 2003. These include essays on famous personalities like Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sadiqain, Hasrat Mohani, Allama Iqbal and Ghalib to name a few.

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"Dhanak" has three parts each dedicated to one of three books by Saqiba Rahimuddin. The first part deals with her book    "Dil kee Batain". The second part deals with her book of poems "Gee ka noor". The third part deals with other books written by her. This is a collection of critical essays written about her work by her contemporary and senior writers.'Chandni' is a new compilation by Saqiba Rahimuddin. It is a book of all the 'duas' that Saqiba has recited over the years. It is beautiful in it's simplicity. This compilation is a gift for Saqiba's fans and readers. The text is easy to read and all duas have simple translations printed in front of each dua.



Chandni in Saqiba's own words

For the longest time family members, friends, young people and children have asked me again and again what I recite day and night in my prayers. I did not give any replies as I did not feel worthy to give one as prayers are told by Sufies, Alims and people who are highly spiritual. I felt that I was not one who could tell others what to recite as I did not have a method, a set number of times or an organized way in which I recited the Ayah’s of the Quran-e-Pak. My way is simple, it’s purely my love for Allah and his beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) that comes through in my prayers.

So I have compiled a simple book for friends and family. You can recite from it whenever and wherever you are, as much as you want. Most of it you already know by heart. You might also feel that these Ayahs have been in your heart and soul, your life and your hereafter.

Please accept this humble gift from me. It’s a gift for you and your whole family, for all of Allah’s people, for the people of my beloved country, for the whole of the universe. I am a humble servant of Allah in search of Allah’s blessings and forgiveness.

May Allah accept this humble gift from a humble servant.


Saqiba  Rahimuddin.

23 Rajab, 1430 Hijri, 17th July 2009



Begum Saqiba Rahim uddin

Saqiba Through Other Writer's Eyes

Many writers and scholars have critiqued Saqiba's writing. Some have even written their PhD thesis on Saqiba and her literary efforts. Below is collection of books written or compiled by other writers on Saqiba Rahimuddin.

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