Pakistan Children's Academy

Saqiba Rahimuddin is the founder of and life time chairperson of the Pakistan Children's Academy. Saqiba has always had a special place in her heart for the children of this country. She felt that it was unfair that the children from privileged families had more opportunities to participate in circular and extracurricular activities through out their student life so she decided to create as institution where children from all back grounds came together to participate in different activties

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Saqiba Girls College, Quetta Cantt.


In 1979, Begum Saqiba Rahimuddin has founded Qalam Qabeela Adabi Trust. Since its establishment untill present time, outstanding literary ceremonies convene at this Trust on annual basis.

In 2014, Qalam Qabeela Adabi Trust had taken one more protruding step by putting the foundation of Saqiba Girls College. The objective of this act is to help girls in revealing their hidden God gifted qualities by providing them contemporary educational standards of the modren world. Thus, this is an effort to make girls of Baluchistan capable for taking distinguishable part the development of the country.

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Begum Saqiba Rahim uddin

Saqiba Through Other Writer's Eyes

Many writers and scholars have critiqued Saqiba's writing. Some have even written their PhD thesis on Saqiba and her literary efforts. Below is collection of books written or compiled by other writers on Saqiba Rahimuddin.

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