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Begum Saqiba Rahimuddin started writing for children at an early age. She recalls that she would keep a diary with her on all her travels and write down a new idea she got along the way. Her style is different because she speaks to the children directly through her books. It seems that she is with them as she takes them on these wonderful little trips of fantasy, adventure and life's lessons that are simple yet so vivid that you remember them for years. This a list of books written by the author with a short description.



This is the first book written by Saqiba. It has a collection of short stories written in simple Urdu so that children from all back grounds can read it and enjoy. It is a part of a series of books where the "Morning Star" brings forth a new day.





"SUBHA KA TARA": (second edition)

This is the second edition of her first book. It was published in1999. A few short stories were added to this book. This book gained much popularity and is part of the Urdu syllabi of a renowned private school. It has a collection of nine stories and two essays.






Which means "Wake up" it is the next book in the series. It was published in 1990. It is a collection of fourteen short stories. As with other books there are illustrations with each story. The language is simple yet it captures the imagination of the reader.






Published twice in 1990 and 1998, this is the third book in the series which means "Friends Lets Go". Its morning and the children are up and about they are asking their friends to play with them. This book has three very well written stories with illustrations.






Published in 1998 this book is the forth book in the series and it means "Sun is Setting". The day is over and the sun is going down. The children are returning home after a day of work and play. This is a collection of nine short stories.






Published in 1996 this is the fifth book of the series and it means " The Moon is rising in the Sky". It is night time and the children are in bed listening to bed time stories. This is a beautifully illustrated book. It has nine short stories.






This book was published 1995 and the title means "Rays". Which could mean the rays of the sun or the beautiful light of the moon. There are seven short stories with illustrations. The simple language and the stories speak to the children as if they are part of the story.






This book was published in 1998. the title simply means "Rose". A child is just like a flower beautiful and innocent yet very fragile. There are eight short stories that not only entertain but also teach children important lessons of life.






This is the latest of Saqiba's books for children. Published in 2001 this title means "Swinging Clouds". The light and carefree flight of the clouds is like the carefree demeanour of the children free from worry and responsibility. Beautifully illustrated this book has nine short stories.






This book is the library addition of all the stories that Saqiba has written for children to date. Published in 2009 it contains stories written over a period of thirty years.







Begum Saqiba Rahim uddin

Saqiba Through Other Writer's Eyes

Many writers and scholars have critiqued Saqiba's writing. Some have even written their PhD thesis on Saqiba and her literary efforts. Below is collection of books written or compiled by other writers on Saqiba Rahimuddin.

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